Trial By Declaration

“Trial By Declaration” gives you two (2) bites at the apple, so to speak.

One of the things you can do without an attorney is a “Trial by Declaration”. If the officer does not file his response, your case will be dismissed. If he does and the judge finds you guilty, you can request a “New Trial”, in person. If the officer does not show up at the in-person trial, your case will be dismissed.

To access the forms and instructions, click the ‘blue’ links below.

Description Number
Instructions to Defendant (Trial by Written Declaration — Traffic) TR-200*
Request Trial By Written Declaration TR-205*
Notice and Instructions To Arresting Officer TR-210*
Decision and Notice of Decision TR-215*
Request for New Trial (Trial de Novo) TR-220*
Order and Notice to Defendant of New Trial (Trial de Novo) TR-225*
Officer’s Declaration TR-235*