Traffic School

Vehicle Code section 41501 gives the authority to the courts to provide you with a “traffic school” option. One can attend classes in a traffic school by taking them “in-person” in the school, on its own, “home study”, or “via the internet”.

If you have not attended a traffic school program in the last 18 months, you can take an 8-hour class in a traffic school, and your ticket will be dismissed. The dismissal is confidential and, therefore, there will be NO points on your DMV records. Moreover, the insurance company cannot raise your car insurance rates on the bases of that ticket.

NOTE: The court cannot just refuse to give you “traffic school” option because you have exercised your legal right to trial. Erroneously some judges tell this to people. That if the person has exercised his/her right to go to trial, the court will, later, not let them go to traffic school. This is not in accordance with the law. Please let me know if this happens to you.