Many people ask themselves this question. In fact, it’s more a matter of eligibility than a matter of choice. In most cases, once you receive a ticket for any traffic violation (e.g. red light camera, speeding, etc.) that isn’t a misdemeanour, you are allowed to attend traffic school. Doing so, you avoid a point appearing on your driving record.

That’s good to know because, in California, the law states that in a twelve-month period you are allowed up to four points before your driver’s license can be suspended. Also, the points you accumulate have a strong impact upon the insurance companies. More points lead to a higher insurance rate; an unnecessary expense nobody wants to incur during nowadays’ pressing economic times. It’s useful to remember that you are allowed traffic school once every eighteen months, the so-called eight-hour traffic school. It can be done online as well.

However, the “second offender” or twelve-hour traffic school, which was previously available within that 18-month period, is now cancelled.

Commercial drivers aren’t eligible to attend traffic school when they get a ticket while on duty. That’s why a good alternative might be hiring a traffic lawyer. But now, according to recent law changes, commercial drivers are eligible for traffic school while driving their own vehicle. Traffic school isn’t free of charge. However, the additional cost is more than likely worth it.

That’s why, next time you get a ticket remember that traffic school is probably your least expensive option, if you’re eligible. Be careful out there… and check out this website for additional information.