Let’s jump right into it… if the “someone” following you has flashing red and blue lights on the roof of their car, this may present a problem in the form of a traffic citation in your immediate future.

In the past we have discussed speeding tickets and how radar or laser can really put a damper on an otherwise real smooth ride. Sometimes they actually get back to basics, old school, from digital to analog… I’m talking about pacing. Yup, the officer will just get behind you and follow you, matching your speed. Hard to convince him or her that you weren’t doing 80 or 90 or whatever speed you’re doing to break the law.

When you get to court, the judge will be just as unsympathetic since he (or she) will have the officer’s word to dispute anything you may have to say in your defense. After all… wasn’t the cop chasing you at your same speed? You can always hope for the “officer didn’t show up in court” ray of hope but don’t hold your breath, lately everyone is short of cash and your municipality will want to make sure the office shows up so they can collect from you.

But don’t despair, there’s always hope and it comes in the shape of a traffic attorney. Yes, that knowledgeable individual (he or she) that will normally cost you a lot more than you had anticipated but if you need to beat a ticket like this for whatever reason, this may be your best option.

You have to realize that the court will take for granted the fact that the patrol car’s speedometer has been properly and recently calibrated and therefore assumed that you were speeding. They will also assume that the officer has received the proper training in how to properly pace another vehicle, perhaps not as simple as we think. All of these facts need to be verified in writing and be made available to make sure you were really speeding. Only a good attorney who knows how to do this will be effective and will have a very good chance to beat that ticket. Research it, make some calls and ask many questions. All is not lost. Of course… if you weren’t speeding in the first place, well, you know what I mean.