Don’t feel isolated if you received a traffic ticket in California recently, yours is one of over 16 million citations which are being issued in the state every year. Most people’s initial instinct is the attempt to fight it on their own; however, once the shock provoked by how expensive traffic tickets are in California goes away, they are inclined to look for other solutions.

Doing traffic school and paying the fine is, of course, the easiest way of confronting the problem. But what happens if you can’t do traffic school? You’re only allowed to do traffic school once in every 18 months; also, there are some infractions (e.g. speeding 26 miles or above the legal speed limit), for which traffic school isn’t an option. Then we have a trial by declaration, which is free; however, it almost never works in our favour unless there’s irrefutable evidence showing that the person who issued the ticket was wrong.

You can definitely hire a qualified traffic defence attorney, which strengthens your position. However, that’ll cost you. Depending on your context, traffic school eligibility, points on your record, whether your licence is dangerously close to being suspended or your insurance going up substantially, these expenses may be justified or not.

There’s one more option to take into account… our friends at Phantom Alert. Using the Phantom Alert system together with your GPS or smartphone, you can avoid being fined in the first place. If you are one of those people who have high chances of getting a ticket, this is the right app for you. Does this sound a bit like an ad? Perhaps…would we prefer it if you’d call the best traffic attorney out there in California? Certainly. But itis good to have alternatives, and this is one of the best to prevent getting those expensive traffic tickets.